Thursday, March 25, 2010

something to whisper

you know,i want to tell you something..
sebelum 'DIA' datang ke kita,kita adalah sebuah keluarga besar yang sangat friendly and welcoming and well can see the smile in our face rite:)
But,look at this one.

since he came,to be honest,im kind a disturb.because he just pops out and introduced him self as a boyfriend of my youngest sister,KIEYA. Me,as the oldest sister in the family,i dont like being like this.karena gw ngerasa dilangkahin.seharusnya kan ada permisi2 nya dulu ke gw.
tp already happened.But for sure,me and my sister Vha,really dissapointed of what you did,,dont repeat your mistake again..

Now,Let me introduce him..our new member in my BIG BIG Family..




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