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Ribbon Polka Stethoscope is a fashion blog created by not so ordinary girl, Suci Utami Apsari. Many people called her uchie. She is a medical student who doesn't like to fall deep into those serious world. When she realised fashion is wonderfull, she started to share all her fashion sense and documenting her activities in fashion world. 

Having started her blog since 2010 in Jakarta writing about her daily wear, her fashion muse and inspiration, and sometimes sharing some health knowledge that she knows.

Not really enjoying the fact that she is still a medical student which means she has to live in Solo, Central Java.
Far from Jakarta, far from any big events held in J Town. The worst condition is sometimes she got invited to the famous event and she possibly couldn't come.

To be honest, her readers, followers and your comment are her big strength to keep her good and contant work on her blog. if you like her posted and her blog you can follow her on twitter, facebook, via google friends connect or bloglovin, and a fan to her lookbook account.



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