Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PLaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

Last April i attended the plaza Indonesia fashion week
i got the ticket by winning the CLEO mags quiz held on twitter
i was surprised when i read their email about my winning
i didn't expect too much,cause in the while i'm still staying in solo
so i didn't think i could come too
but,after receiving their email,i definitely changed my mind
right after the day i received the email,i bought the ticket and told my family and boyfriend about my shocking plan
thank god, they agreed
and here they are,lots of picture from Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week
i also met lulut(the blogger) and kak prita from nefertiti label
they're very friendly and welcome
i'm happy to know them in person

LM for Hardware stripe tank, unbranded sheer skirt from blogger yard sale part 2, retail therapy coat, miss selfridge platform, hermes bag, random accessories, swatch watch
right in front of my eyes,i saw this phenomenal androgyny model, darrel ferhostan
he is cool yet beautiful
i can feel the femininity behind his masculinity
double thumbs up
i'm his number one fan!!!!


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sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

wooow uchiieeee! so jealous of you! wish i could attend the show as well :p

fhenny said...

the event looks fun!

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