Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fashion Luncheon

On Thursday, I was given the opportunity to come and see a fashion show titled FASHION Luncheon. The event was held in the Sunan Hotel solo on the occasion of Kartini day

The Sunan hotel solo present a young solo solo designer, Diyan Sastro Sumardjo introducing batik in a package of elegance, ready to wear and of course covering all levels and ages. 

So there is no longer quotation says batik is only for elder people

Diyan, that’s her nickname, had a long story to share how she got into these stage. Diyan who studied in faculty of psychology at private university in solo year 2005 was less suited to the field of psychology,.Because from the beginning, her soul was already in fashion.but because of her parents doesnt agree,cause of one thing and another, Diyan took psychology. After finishing her studies, Diyan worked in a company which moves in arts but not fashion. Diyan still didnt fits in. So with the help and support from a well known designer from solo Rory Wardhana, finally Diyan made a try to dive and pulled out her collection in this elegant dressing.

In the interview Diyan said for several times that all of these would not happened without the support of the master designer solo, rory wardana
Here's my photo with Diyan And the photos when Diyan was raided a few reporters who wants to interviewed her. 

In my opinion, the first collection released by Diyan  Sumardjo Sastro is very beautiful and elegant. Elegance would be Diyan’s key design. Highlighting the side a powerfull and independent woman though reflecting  the femininity and motherhood. 

Here are some photos I took when some model demonstrate the collection 

From some of her collection, in my opinion, this dress above is the most outstanding because of its simply yet elegance.the cutting also attracted visitors’s attention, including me.
All Diyan collections can be found at her showroom located at Laweyan area with a starting price of Rp. 350.000, - 
Retno wulan, the public relations of the Sunan hotel solo said that the similiar event was already been implemented in 2003 presented designer-designers who’s famous already. Therefore, this time retno planned to carry young and local designers especially from solo to demonstrate to show their existence and quality.

This event will be held once a month with various designers. The moment is always during lunch. Will also presenting the same lunch concept which is buffet. So the audience will be satisfied by their needs.

So for the designers, specially local designers who wants to show their collections can collaborate with the Sunan hotel solo by contacting Retno or Rory. 
the pic when the mc ask Retno to give some speech

Before going home I also had a little conversation with Adia. She is a well-known radio announcer from Jakarta, prambors solo. According to her, this event provides the opportunities for young designers, local designers especially, to show their work. The moment is right at the time, which is before the lunch with a buffet concept 

Here's my photo with Adia

mangos top, mangos short, mom's batik scarf wore as belt, love pattern tight from itc mangga dua, random bangles, pearl necklace wore as bracelet, aigner bag, marie claire wooden heels

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Friday, April 22, 2011

don't mean nothing

thrifted top, skirt from korea, bag from itc mangga dua, unbranded shoes, vintage belt, random bangles

lalalala i miss these moment

i want my birthday back
when i can share my time with boyfie
doing some short trip
go to jogja just to watch at xxi cinema
like last time

i went there with boyfie, in the beginning of april
to have fun and come to clara devi's garage sale
i love it.and i bought one skirt from epoy's online store, bonvieux
i will show you next time when i make another post
i'm glad cause i can met her
she is so friendly and nice
i love her
hope we can meet again soon
i didnt take much photos, but epoy's friend took many i think
so, i will wait for her to 'maybe' send me or make a post about it

oglea top, skirt from korea, unbranded black tight and outerwear, marie claire wooden heels, unbranded bangles, casio watch, rayban reading glasses, leather bag from boyfie

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Friday, April 15, 2011

shoegasm, wedges

loving all of them:)

source: shoelust

love pills

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven
-Karen Sunde-

Friday, April 1, 2011

my 2nd giveaway

thrifted knitted top, unbranded belt, dress from a local boutique, leather bag from boyfie, marie claire clog, ribbon polka stethoscope rings

this time i want to share my happiness to 'yall
today is my first day test on the last week of my forensic week in hospital where i'm practicing,and i passed
actually i have one more test tomorrow, but i positively think im gonna make it too
 too confident,no?

and i also want to celebrate my 1st blog anniversary,which happened last month
but i desperately couldn't find a moment to make this post
so,now is the right time

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so hurry up guys,think wisely whish one do you think will suit you:)

here is the closer picture about the ring




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