Friday, April 22, 2011

lalalala i miss these moment

i want my birthday back
when i can share my time with boyfie
doing some short trip
go to jogja just to watch at xxi cinema
like last time

i went there with boyfie, in the beginning of april
to have fun and come to clara devi's garage sale
i love it.and i bought one skirt from epoy's online store, bonvieux
i will show you next time when i make another post
i'm glad cause i can met her
she is so friendly and nice
i love her
hope we can meet again soon
i didnt take much photos, but epoy's friend took many i think
so, i will wait for her to 'maybe' send me or make a post about it

oglea top, skirt from korea, unbranded black tight and outerwear, marie claire wooden heels, unbranded bangles, casio watch, rayban reading glasses, leather bag from boyfie

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