Wednesday, August 25, 2010

never ending story

i'm the kind of person who always sleep at 2-3 in the morning
thats why,this vacation,i mostly spent my night time outside
and came back home at 1-2 am
( I'm a good kid.i don't do such a ''forbidden'' thing.lool)
my mom didnt take it serious
she is ok with it
as long as i see:)

i forgot when i went out with my friends
what i remember is,we went out of the house at 11pm
and came back at 1
i went out with my 2 lil brother,and my 2 friend
we went to mcd sektor sembilan bintaro
let me introduce my friend
her name is nina
she is one of my besties

 and the next is reza
he is one of my besties too
i will tell you the fact about him
he is soo proud of his asset
by this,i mean his face
yea,thats true,he has some cute face
but the way he showed it make it worst
he overly showed to the entire world
and talk a lot about it
but,i love him
even somehow he is known as a playboy
do you believe that he only have 4 exgirlfriend??
and he just broke up with his last girlfriend
stop talking about him
i don't want him to think that I'm proud to have him as my friend

3 of us are good friends since junior high school
we used to get top 3 rank in junior high school
The funniest thing is, even we rarely seen each other
we always know how to communicate with each other
 at this time,mostly with the twitter
and we're known as the best three soulmate
i love our relationship
i love my friends:D
unbranded crochet vest, a to za fashionline red top, bloopendorse legging, little thing she needs flat shoes, random accessories, casio watch

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

this is what i mean

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i believe i will meet you

yesterday i went to senayan city for my reunion party
i went out with my sister and brother
but we got seperated
these are the pic of my whole outfit
unbranded lace crop jacket, x.s.m.l black and white flower dress, swatch watch, aigner bag, unbranded tight, aldo shoes, bangles from china, rings from local boutique

and im going to share some of the picture taken with friends
me with the skater boy
(reminds me of avril lavigne song.lool)

the conclusion is,i find it awesome
spending time with my old friends
see ya


a moment of happy lover

Each moment of a happy lover's hour is worth an age of dull and common life
-Aphra Behn-

Thursday, August 12, 2010

when our love becomes means family.when family becomes bigger,it means MARRIED!!

i went to my bf family vacation
his mom and dad asked me to join their family vacation
and they asked my bf lil brother's girlfriend too
i dont know what that means
i just thank them for inviting me in their family
and we went to bogor
rent a villa and stayed there for 2 days
it was amazing,the environment,the feel,the weather
we felt really2 relaxed
i could say,all of us are couple
so,we slept with our partners at night
his parents allowed that.maybe they thought we're adult enough to do that:)
these are pictures when i was there
on the couch-->my bf lil bro with his gf (hugging and cuddling;p)
on the floor-->bf uncle and his wife (dunno what they did inside the blanket)
on the bed-->me and my bf(me taking the pic)
on the other bed-->his parents(no need to explain)
back:Om tantan(lil bro bf's mom) n teh nita(wife),adya(bf lil brother)n vini(his girlfriend)
front:bf's dad,bf's mom,my bf
we are the family
im in the mood to talk in bahasa indonesia

gmn mnurut kalian
kita sudah terlihat dekat blm:p
yepp,kita(me and his family) emg udah deket
gitu jg dengan co gw dan keluarga gw
 cuma kadanga saking dekatnya,jd sering ada salah paham
cuma,diambil positifnya aja lah
btw,doakan ya.
smoga kami segera menikah
punya rumah sendiri,keluarga kecil sndr,punya uang sendiri
rencana si udah ada,cuma blm pasti
ntar deh kalo udah pasti,dikasih undangannya:)



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