Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Hair.yaayy

introducing you my new hair...
can't described how i love my new hair

in this post, i will show you some of my pictures when i was in jakarta
remember my best friend, nina
She is covered now
she is using hijab permanently
i love the new look of her.more mature and still stylish
but sometimes,to be honest, i miss her old style
cause she was my best partner in style

go out with our best style.going mad in the shop
take lots of picture
thats what we called friendship
our best time.nufsaid

you saw the girl in the right side
yes, she is isyarafea. one of my friend.she is a shoe designer
whoever know her,you must say she is a talented shoe designer
she is currently concentrating on her new career as a bankir i think
good luck can do your job as well as your hobby

colorbox tee, h&m short, the little thing she need wedges, zara bag, unbranded belt, casio watch, and random bracelet

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Friday, January 20, 2012

zebra attacked

wore my zebra pattern dress
So in the mood to wear simple and normal thing,but still showing my personal style

zebra dress from ITC mangga dua, the little thing she need velvet pump shoes, unbranded bag, casio gold watch

Have a good day!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

blue saphire

when i was in jakarta, we went to senayan city for crazy year end sale
and we got so many stuff from TLTSN
we spent almost 5 hours in the hall
crazy isn't it?
we didn't realised at all
we just realised that when we felt hungry cause we didn't have our dinner yet

but i was so happy
shopping always be the best therapy when we feel depressed by the hectic schedule
my sister Kieya, the managing director of HIMME Binus period 2011-2012
me with fiance
colorbox tees, LM for hardware assymetric skirt, Miss Selfridge wedges, unbranded bag, casio gold watch, and random accessories

Have you heard about Solo City Fashion 2012?
Its an event where all brands got together to show their collection in a form of fashion show
so its a fashion show held in 4 days
start from batik for the first day, boutique for the second day, designers for the third day, and the last one, distro
i think, it might be the beginning of solo fashion week 

The event is sponsored by
Junior Chamber International chapter Solo
Solo Moslem Look
Mustika Ratu
RS Model

The Media Partner
Magazine: Women Magazine, Looks Magazine, Digital Fashion Magazine
Newspaper: Tempo, Radar Solo, JogloSemar, Jitu
Radio: Solo Radio, Prambors Radio, PTPN Radio
Online: SOlo1.Tv

well, im joining the event by bringing my new label ├ęclair
its a brand where i poured some of my idea into clothes
my label is basically a usual and wearable where you can wear it in your daily matter if its formal,semi formal or even non formal
i showed simple cutting but with a simple unique design
im imagining we could wear clothes which is just an ordinary shirt but when you walk people will recognized the difference of your clothes
yep, thats just my little explanation about it
now, while waiting for the launch (hopefully) next month, i'm still preparing for the website and social media.such as facebook and twitter
but we already made the twitter

Save the date,i'll be there on Saturday, 21st of January 2012
start from 18.00 until 21.00
this is gonna be the first time ├ęclair show the collection

For you who are willing to come and watch us from near, i have few invitation to share
just email or tweet me when you are interested to come and sit on the first,second, and third row
See you all in Solo City Fashion 2012

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Beginning, and Celebration


here are my ways of celebrating the new year

pics are taken at the backstage, Ancol
Don't ask me why i chose ancol as my new year destination
as we all knew, ancol is the crowded place around jakarta
well,it was so crowded
my car can't even move
so at the end, we left our car in the middle of the road
untill we came back, it's still didnt move cause of the traffic

we came there cause our friends invited us there
so we came
but it was fun,with the party adn the food and the people and the performers
wishing u a merry christmas and happy holiday guys

p.s:sorry for the bad quality of the pics.the photos are taken by random people and used only with a pocket camera

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