Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Hair.yaayy

introducing you my new hair...
can't described how i love my new hair

in this post, i will show you some of my pictures when i was in jakarta
remember my best friend, nina
She is covered now
she is using hijab permanently
i love the new look of her.more mature and still stylish
but sometimes,to be honest, i miss her old style
cause she was my best partner in style

go out with our best style.going mad in the shop
take lots of picture
thats what we called friendship
our best time.nufsaid

you saw the girl in the right side
yes, she is isyarafea. one of my friend.she is a shoe designer
whoever know her,you must say she is a talented shoe designer
she is currently concentrating on her new career as a bankir i think
good luck can do your job as well as your hobby

colorbox tee, h&m short, the little thing she need wedges, zara bag, unbranded belt, casio watch, and random bracelet

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fhenny said...

your new hair is gorgeous dear!! suits you very well!

style frontier

Ioana Liliana said...

It is adorable!!!




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