Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ulva bday bash

last saturday,i went to GI for my friend's lil birthday party
she is one of my friend from my childhood memory
there are 5 people
they're all my junior high school friends in jeddah
we used to make a ''gank'' called PD
based on the movie PERNIKAHAN DINI
do u remember the serial movie??
yeah,embarrassing yet funny to remember
and suddenly this day, we all met together
after months and months
this is my good side,
i always love to keep in contact with all my friend
even my childhood friends
let me introduce them
me with the birthday girl
and the birthday girl (and the yummy cake)

unbranded lace dress, a to z fashionline peach crop blazer, unbranded white tight, vincci white shoes, charles and keith bag, random accessories, adidas watch

i always love hanging out with them
because they know me very well
from the bad side,to the good side
and they always tell the truth
even they won't say straight to the point
and our parents know each other,and they lived together in jeddah
still in jeddah

i will meet them again soon
on our next reunion with others
can't wait:)




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