Monday, August 2, 2010


this is the first time i talk about VAHADA
i fell in love with vahada since it came out
actually Diana Rikasari introduced the brand to me
but at first, i couldn't understood the story of the design
as i go deeper, i discovered the uniqueness of the style
now, i kindly understand how Dina Vahada could think
the way she cut, she designed, its just unique
and this is what she is
i took a look at their stockists on their web
i hope at least i have one of them
please somebody give me
doesn't mind if its secondhand
(desperately want it)
feel free to tell me which one is your favourite

source:: VAHADA


Anonymous said...

love the triangle ridges along the seams. quite dinosaur-esque?
and the prints are to die for too.
remind me somewhat of the christopher kane gator

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

vdcouture said...

their pieces are amazing <3


Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment !

i love them too !
theirs are awesome ! <3

sorry about the late reply,

Marisa Fransiska said...

love those picts ! very unique n fab !

AlvianaKalin said...

I love the whole collection!! xx

Cars said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Sure, I'll follow you. :D Ah, I fell in love as well! Such lovely pieces.

minnja said...

Beautiful pieces!!!

Riumni Oolya said...

cute items



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