Monday, August 9, 2010

back again

long time didnt post anything on my blog
sorry for the late update
i've been busy moving from solo to jakarta
so here i am
living in jakarta with my family and bf
glad to see my bf every day
but i have a bad news
i have no internet connection
and i have no money(AT ALL)
you guys must be asking,
im home but why i dont have money
the reason is::
because i eat and do anything based on my mom's permission
so,she won't give me any money


vdcouture said...

cool look :) i love that top you wore, and your hair looks gorgeous!!


Brenda evans said...

thx 4 ur comment and sorry for the late rep , have a nice day :)

cihud aiiiuwardani said...

lovely room :)

check mine on my blog:



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