Friday, April 1, 2011

my 2nd giveaway

thrifted knitted top, unbranded belt, dress from a local boutique, leather bag from boyfie, marie claire clog, ribbon polka stethoscope rings

this time i want to share my happiness to 'yall
today is my first day test on the last week of my forensic week in hospital where i'm practicing,and i passed
actually i have one more test tomorrow, but i positively think im gonna make it too
 too confident,no?

and i also want to celebrate my 1st blog anniversary,which happened last month
but i desperately couldn't find a moment to make this post
so,now is the right time

i'm giving away my 'own' brand ring.those are brand new
i have 2 kinds of rings.but you gotta choose one
i gave those two just to make you choose the best one for you

but i have few mandatory rules for you
=follow this blog with google friends connect AND bloglovin=
=follow my twitter account @Chieribbonpolka=
=tweet this giveaway with a link of this post and mention me=
=choose which ring do you want=

write it all on the comment box, point by point.don't missed it.cause if yes, i will disqualify your answer
this giveaway is open until i make another new post telling how much time do you have left 
so hurry up guys,think wisely whish one do you think will suit you:)

here is the closer picture about the ring



sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

gooooorgeous dress! simply look stunning say :) uuu i wanna join the giveaway so badly tp blh ga bwt yg outside indo?

amy said...

This outfit is absolute perfection. I love the floral splattered skirt....... prettiness x

amy !

I V Y said...

your skirt is SO great and i love your rings too!

zebra and meerkat shop

Anonymous said...

really nice bag dear :)

Francesca said...

aww yay i just recently had my first blog anniversary too :) i don't want to enter because i have so many rings already, but nice blog ^_^ xx

Miy said...

Happy 1st blog anniversary.. those rings are super!

The Picnic Girl

Stevia said...

congratz on passing the test
goodluck with your giveaway!


Diana caitilin said...

your room's so cute
good luck for the giveaway

dunia kecil indi said...

happy birthday ya buat blog'nya :D semoga giveaway'nya sukses. good luck! :)

Sarah said...

Great blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

michellehendra said...

your room is super cute!


Jeng Anna said...

all abouyt pinkylicious yaw.....nice styles and photo shoot



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