Tuesday, October 26, 2010

indonesia cry!!

questions in my minds are
what is wrong with Indonesia
what did we do to Indonesia
what is the government do for Indonesia
why all disasters in the world come to Indonesia
why Indonesian people always suffer from all of these

what i can only say is
there is a reason behind everything
remember,to keep praying to the GOD you believed
if you did pray,don't forget to pray more
GOD will see and hear our pray
Don't give up now,and never give up
that's the story of our life's in the world
Lets pray together for yourself and others
GOD will bless us all

up and down onlineshop scarves, a boutique in solo square flowery dress, cosmogirl creme tank, unbranded belt from itc mangga dua, malioboro bangle, random rings

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Tara said...

love ur flower dress :)

punya saran biar fotonya lebih enak dilihat dari segi pencahayaan, diedit aja dulu sebelum diposting, saya biasa edit foto di situs www.pixlr.com , hasilnya bagussssss banget jd foto lebih terang dan lebih enak dilihat. selamat mencoba.

vdcouture said...

totally loving your look, totally suits you :)


Fashion Nicotine said...

You have a cute room!

michelle_ said...

great skirt !!
one more thing to add to your words..
once you pray.. make sure people do what God wants us to do. never disappoint him.. always remember him every single time of the day :) and thus he will bless us all :)

glisters and blisters

Emily and Abigail said...

such a gorgeous skirt.. Lusting the way you've styled it!! Following you here, and on bloglovin'


mad613 said...

Cute.. cute.. cute.. q^,^p

Anonymous said...

great belt

Ariyani Sukma said...

mix ur top with a long dress cute chie.
just pray for a better Indonesia :)

Shirley said...

love your outfit, especially the scarf!pretty!