Monday, December 27, 2010


Okay lets summarize today the 27th December 2010.  fyi . it is the last Sunday of 2010 . haha LOL

As what was planned since last night , it’s the shoes shopping time for my bf. He wanted a new pair of shoes but NONE matches his taste . I gave up already , but heyy !! BIINGO !! he finally found “IT” . YES IT IS . THE SHOES . FINALLY (sighs)  . choosing TAMAN ANGGREK as the destination to hit wasn’t a bad decision after all . thanks god ! oh yeah , almost forgotten . a silly story I was into during the day out in the mall today with my bay . guess what?! The electricity went down . hahaha . again n again but it didn’t stay long . so it was okay .

NEXT , we hit the salon . he promised me the other day to pay all the fees . (now that’s the benefit of having a boyfriend , guys) hehe . it was just totally a good choice to rest a while there cuz u know I’ve been feeling ill lately . nausea ,headache , stomache .n it was all gone by the Zuper Zweet Couple Creambath . J thankyou very muchoo rheka pratama . :*

After my mood was set back on , we hunted for houses . accurately , our future house for my boyfie n I . from a village to another , complex to complex , and place to place . but I kept my targeted house on my head which is A CLUSTER HOUSE . its just so cute n luckily my boyfie thinks the same way . theres this one we found in BINTARO on the 7th sector specifically. no fences , imagine ? how cute .we think its the best one. beside its strategic, its also close to both of our current house.its a bit off the busy crowded city.
i took some picture,what do you think??

and at the end of the day, we went to burger and grill 7th sector bintaro
watched football match between MALAYSIA vs INDONESIA
but, i was really dissapoint by their act and our teams
hope at the final, our team will do better job
im so tired now
lets sleep

 giordano tee, suspender dress from itc mangga dua, gaudi sheer stocking, wedges, casio gold watch, unbranded gold lion ring, DIY beads necklace


M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

nice outfits :) looks good on you...

Beti said...

nice outfit and that house looks so amazing!


chie suci utami apsari said...

ersa:thank you
beti:really.ooh thanks:)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Adorable. Happy belated Christmas! x hivennn.

Shirley said...

cute outfit!
i love those wedges!
have a great day!

Claudia Adistis said...

nice outfit kak :)
wanna exchange link?

TigerLily said...

That's a gorgeous wedges honey, where did you buy it? ;)


Marcella Cornelia said...

love your shoes .
follow your blog now :D

Jassica said...

nice outfit and that house looks so amazing! and i want to say that is she buying a pair of Etnies Shoes | Vans Trainers | Boots Shoes .i want to know about shoes brands because m confused that which brand is good for myself.Can any one tell me plz



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