Friday, July 15, 2011

share some moments before you can't share anything to anyone else

on wednesday, my friends came over my house and we did a lil chats about me
im currently in a serious problem
oyea,didnt i tell i were in jkt??woops,yes i'm here since sunday
i forgot to tell you guys
not because of my busy schedule but its because i spent most of my time with the family
its really fun spending time with the family where you can only gather together once a year
like my family

back to the topic, after a lil chit chat with besties,we decided to go out to senayan city
not so far from my house
cause we just went out of the house at 7 pm

then, we directly go to the food stalk and eat
and after we had our dinner, my brother wants to watched a horror movie in the cinema
i actually watched insidious with my friends in solo, but i'm still curious
will i feel the same thing when i first watched the movie?and the answer is absolutely yess
the movie is soo damn great

narsis dl bisa kali yaa**
top from local store in solo, unbranded denim skirt, unbranded black tight,
black boots from plangi, hermes bag, sister's bracelet and swatch watch

and we went home at 11pm, and nina slept over my house,but reza went home around 12

after the day, nina stayed in my house till night
i really had a good time with nina
nina knows me really well
i think she knows that i need someone to at least always here with me when i need something
and yes, i do really need someone here with me

here,a picture a gorgeous nina

that's all i want to say for tonight
i have another thing to ask, if i could ask something from u guys,
please please please
pray me for the best
about my future, my relationship, my family
thanks peeps


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