Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i'm officially taken:D

Holla..whats up guys??
Tonight, i'm in the mood of blogging.so in this post i'm going to share my proposing part that happened on september 3, 2011

I'll show you some of the photos taken on that day. But i'm sorry if the pictures is not as good as a professional photographer.
saat keluarga perempuan menunggu kedatang keluarga laki-laki
aku dan teman-teman lg 'ngumpet' nungguin di dlm kamar
mereka akhirnya dateng juga
semua sedang berdoa untuk kelancaran acara dan ke depannya
temen-teman rheka

It was great. A week before the day, me and my family, and his family was busy preparing for the day. From catering until the rings. But then, me and mom decided to cook by ourselves without any help from catering service. We thought this idea was a big thing and we doubgt our competency to make it all alone. And because my mom is the best chef ever i've ever met, we did it.yay!
saatnya makan bersama

And then, the theme we decided not to use any traditional ceremony, we want it to be simple and closed. Only several friends got invited. Four from my side and four from the other side. and the family who came is also limited. Only the closest family are invited.

And then, the dress. Because it's not a traditional ceremony, i find it difficult to find the dress. I didn't want to be too fromal, wearing kebaya like putri solo or a gown, like putri indonesia. And i dont want to be non formal like going to the mall. i finally got the best choice in a few hours before the ceremony started. wew
foto-foto terakhir sebelum pulang
after the party
 sebagian seserahan yang masih sempet difoto. yang lainnya udah keburu ludes diabisin:p


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