Sunday, June 6, 2010

Raining oh raining.I'm feeling cold now

The weather these days is killing me
when the sun hit,it's soo damn hot
but at night,mr.raining always came
and it's not a ''small&short term"' rain
by that, i become lazy to move my body out of my bed
if i could chose,i would prefer stay in my cozy bedroom for the rest of the day
but i have responsibilities
so,this is what i wore on wednesday

and these are pictures when i am taking my bf to buy a new pair of shoes
he said,he need the new one
a to z fashionline blazer, inner top from itc ambassador, unbranded grey tight, shoezisme shoes, sister bag, random accessories


ms.Gee said...

nice blog u have dear...
well i've follow and linked u on mah follow and link me back too..

so u gonna attend tje meet up huh ?
i want too but i need to know the time and place ;)

if u hve any information.pls tell me


dsy said...

you look lovely and chic! I like the inner top!

vdcouture said...

hello i'm your new follower. lovin your style.
love, vdcouture



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