Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The vacation plan

the vacation plan,have been totally changed..
we didn't go to a waterboom,because i had my period.
we can't go fisihing,because we're interested more on going to beautiful places
we didn't go bowling, because dad said,we could do that in different place
he told us to do such thing that's not there(read:their place)
so,the vacation is ruined by mom and dad
mostly what we did is, SHOPPING!!
sometime,i like having parents who loves to shop a lot. but at this time,i hate them for being a shopaholic
what we just did is go from 1 shop to another shop.from 1 location,to a different location
"mom!!come on,you've been here for almost 3 hours..lets go somewhere else..."i said
''wait,i just found a nice dress..what do think..does it fit on me??''mom said
''grrr...whatever lah''said me again.desperate..:(




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