Saturday, June 12, 2010

So sad

really really disappointed to know that i can't come to this spectaculer event
especially for fashion wipe out
from the beginning it comes out,i couldn't come
because i didn't at the place(jakarta)
i always go home at the end of the month,
and this event always held in the second week of the month
huks huks
so sad
for those people who came to these event
come share some stories with me
i want it to know(T.T)


Amadea Larissa said...

haha iyaaa. aku orang Solo :DD
but i'm studying at Jogja actually :)
oh anyway,House Of Mangos kalo di Jogja itu ada di Amplaz :DD di deket Malioboro juga ada. but in Solo,it'll open it's new branch at Solo Square. tapi sementara masih di lantai dasar. baru pameran2 gitu :DD check them out aja. barang2nya bagus2 kok hehehe :DD

ms.Gee said...

heheheh i buy the tops on online shop called "Just Wanderlust" on fb ;) check them out they've some cutie stuff :)


Devina said...

AAAAHHHH... HYSTERIA DISCOUNT 80% off... Too bad you for you then... There will be next time for such event, won't it?

Dorothy Souhuwat said... u can link me as miss about u??

dont forget to visit online shop in facebook

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