Friday, February 18, 2011

missing you dad

been missing my dad
our relationship is getting better and better everyday
he is now in the process of changing his lil "bad" attitude
whant to know what?
all of his negative thought
ooh god
you can't help it if you were me
i mean, whatever happened,negative thought always comes first
i dont like it cause it effects his health

so in this post, i want to post my random pictures when i visited my dad's office
just to let you know,he is working as a local staff in immigration office in Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
quiet big responsibilities i think
cause he is controlling those indonesian people who lives there
but only for the passport
so as you remember there are many cases are connected with Saudi Arabia appeared in local channels
and don't forget,GAYUS always made troubles everywhere
remember the big news that imigration office gave an illegal passport for him
that effects my dad's office too

pictures above are my dad
i took the pic when he was taking his breakfast on his desk
see those bunch of passport in front of him
thats sealed
no one are allowed to open in  before dad
proud of you and everything about your job dad

 and those are the looks of immigration office in Indonesian Embassy in Saudi Arabia
there is my dad's room in the corner (picture 1)
 Dad and Mom

 me and daddy
and ME

the purpose of making the new passport is not because it already expired
but, i had a plan to do an exchange programme in brazil,sao paulo this year
and dad said, it is good for me to seperate the memorable occasion like this into 2 different passport
so i have 2 passport now,one for my annual trip and the other one for the important yet unforgettable trip

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Izzah Beverly said...

you're lucky to still have father, your post makes me realize how much I miss my father too :).. He passed away years ago..



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