Tuesday, February 1, 2011

will be facing the 2 most important day of my life

went to gandaria city with nina
remember her?
i once told you about my 2 best friend from junior high school
  i went there just to meet up cause we didn't see each other for quite long time
missed her a lot

and we did sushi-ing

sheer top and transparant black skirt from blogger yard sale, unbranded tight, miss Selfridge wedges, velvet satchel bag, unbranded belt bought in la codefin kemang, bangles from malioboro jogja

btw, we will celebrate our 3rd year anniversary in february 5th
congratulate us,pleaseee
thank god we could through it together
not as easy as you thought
its hard, to be honest
but, again,we congratulate ourselves for being patience and really understanding to each other to make this relationship stay alive:D

and one more thing, i'm counting the days for my blog's first year birthday
and i'm planning to make another giveaway

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vdcouture said...

nice look and i love your bag!


Dewanti Primayani. Putu said...

love your wedges <3

Ladyulia said...

I think we have the same alexa bag
glad that you forgive ur boyfriend mistake
its super sweet

inge luciana said...

wow.. cute shoes!
really like it :)

daraziivana said...

Love the dress !!
visit my blog <3


Jessica said...

:) loveeee your top ^^ ^^
and congratulation for the 3rd anniversary ^^



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