Friday, January 28, 2011

blogger yard sale 4+

today i finally had the chance to visit and see how's blogger yard sale
at last, i can meet those awesome blogger
these are the pictures i took
but i forgot to capture the crowd
my bad,i'm too excited to see a lot of goods and this awesomeness:p

Pictures above were taken when i just arrived,i was starving
i didn't eat anything since yesterday. so i directly went to any restaurant in FX,and chose random food
thank god the taste wasn't that bad

 me and sisters--> kieya, faa

have fun with the foolness and craziness from me:)

x.s.m.l black and white flower dress, unbranded black tight, vintage white vest, a ribbon polka stethoscope wing ring, random bangles, LM for hardware bowler hat, casio gold watch, Miss Selfridge wedges, velvet satchel bag

 i  also got a chance to take pictures with some superb bloggers

what i got::
1. sheer top from sabila anata
2. skirt from june paski
3 and 4 from ario achda

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Luchie said...

wah looks like a fun day! jadi pengen ikutan :D

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your bag,,already linked u..

waiting for my link...

Becky Regina said...

Aww so much fun, wish I could go there! And I love your outfit ;)

Susan said...

awww, I went to the yard sale too! Funny, I was about to buy the same sheer top you bought from Sabila too! hahaha

Diana Rikasari said...

Thanks for the pic, dear! :)

fhen said...

it looks like a fun day! hope next time i can join the yard sale


Stiene said...

I love your skirt! x