Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my new year resolution

just had the time to write it down on my blog
actually i got my last year resolution done
(not all of them,but at least 3 out of 5)
it means i succeed
and now i want to make my new resolution for this year
want to know?

in family
1. get closer bond with my family.love them very much
2.be a good adult daughter for my parents
3. prove them my quality
4. honesty and sharing is no one priority

in school
1. complete my half of journey to become a doctor
2. can stay in solo for more than 3 years(not always come back home to Jakarta)
3. get higher IPK
4. study more at night and review more after school

in love life
1. love him more and more
2. get propose in this June
3. learn to love his family as mine
4. could teach him how good relationship work and can be teached

in social life  
1. have more friends through blog
2. keeping the good relationship with my previous friends such as, Jeddah community, high school friends, junior high school buddies,university friends, etc
3. NEVER back talking my friends
4.again,honesty is really important between friends

thats all my resolution. i dont wanna make it long. cause i know its hard to accomplish one point

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Ario Achda said...

"get proposed this June" <---- LOL

i really say amen for those wishes esp that one i wrote! :p
may u be a young successful doctor

chie suci utami apsari said...