Sunday, January 23, 2011

night sky in the combination with city light is good as good as rainbow

still shitting about my short holiday in jeddah, saudi arabia

we went to the beach at night
obhoor(read:aub-huur) beach, thats what they called
around 8-12 i think
it was quite fun
we just hang out played cards, chat, ate foods we brought from home, did funny things,etc
 as usual, nawal, esthetique, nadia, ulva, and soffu are coming with me
but this time, i brought my brother with me
here are the pics

 brother, opick

forever 21 stripe dress, wedges from korea, casio gold watch, rayban eyeglasses, and random accessories


Anonymous said...

Cute pics!

MoiselleR said...

love the pics!
thanks for commenting on my blog.. ive linked u now :)

finesa said...

wooow enaknya jalan2 ke saudi arabia :D