Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do i fit on that KEBAYA

2 in 1 cardigan from itc kuningan, unbranded tank, short from thrift store, mom's shoes, unbranded bag, DIY neclace, random accessories

i'm super duper busy
yeah,how many times i should say
i don't have time,even to sleep
lay my body on my comfy bed
for a long time

this week I'm planning to take a photoshoot for my diploma letter
this is a serious photshoot
do you want to know what the requirement my university gives??
The things that makes me crazy are
1.i should wear kebaya. but NO MODERN KEBAYA.original kebaya
I dont have that kind of kebaya in solo.i live alone here
2. i should do my hair up with a big bun on the left&right(kyk ibu2 dharma wanita gt deh)
choosing,which salon have the best quality with good price
3. i should do these with make up(of course)
salon again

arrrgh,this is killing me
i should find anything by myself
i only have friends to share my opinians
this is the time when i missed my family again
why they are far away from me


black n white ladies said...

don't be so sad for leavin' from your family'll make you to be a stronger!KEEP FIGHT ok
actually, you look glam with that cardigan...and your mom's hoes is nice!hehe



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