Sunday, July 11, 2010


this month,ive been blogging for six month
and i'm proud I could stand with till now
I'm a kind a person,who get bored so fast with something i do
so,i'm so glad to keep up blogging and i'll continue on blogging
for my contribution to fashion and medicine

so, to celebrate my 6 month anniversary of this blog
i'm going to make a giveaway for all of you who shares and takes part of this blog
the prize will be one of these 2 shoes from SHOEZISME
idr 275000

are you interested??
I will give one of them to you
but i want you to do these:
1. follow my blog through google friends connect and bloglovin. then link me on your blog
2. follow my twitter @chiebebeks
3. make a blog post about my giveaway and suggest as many possible as you can to your friends. tweet this giveaway with a link of this post and mention me @chiebebeks
5. comment me on this post
-why do you want these shoes
-what do you think of my blog. i'm open to any critics,so don't worry
(asal jgn kbykn jeleknya
-the link to your blog post
-the link to your tweet mentioning my giveaway
-the things you do to suggest your friends
-tell me which size are you?
-write your email, your blog name, and your twitter name

is it too much?
i hope it's not
i'm helding this giveaway till i get specific amount of followers
i'm not gonna tell you how many followers i want
but i promised i will keep reporting it on my new post
i will choose two who really want to win the prize by looking to their effort
come and join my giveaway


Vinda Sonata said...

halooo... nice giveaway :)
you're sweet. lucu2 loh outfitnyaa :)

titaz said...

yeaaay... give awaay :)
thank you for visiting my blog :)

beckyxoxo said...

Aww what a lovely giveaway :)

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...
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Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

-I like white shoes and that's so cool and wonderfull!!

-Your blog is nice and for advice, how if the background is colorfull so it will more interesting. ^_^



-I put the gift picture to make them more interest and add your giveaway link (with picture gift) into my blogroll.


Blog name :ice creamy world ( )
Twitter name :caramel_manda

Meei Adreean said...

Kayaknya ga muat ama kaki aku deh..
*gajah dsini, hahahaha ... :p

black n white ladies said...

well it's so confusing
I can't remember all
But I'm in love with your shoes...
can you ecplain in my blog???
With bahasa Indonesia...hehe

I'm followin' you of course, your blog looks so interesting!!>.<


black n white ladies said...

anyway, do you like to follow me back? I really glad...thenks then... ;)

nitya said...

1. followed your blog through google friends connect and bloglovin. You're linked on my blog

2. followed your twitter @chiebebeks

3. made a blog post about my giveaway and suggest as many possible as I can to my friends. tweeted this giveaway with a link of this post and mention you @chiebebeks

5. commented on this post
- I want those shoes because I don't have any high heels, I always use flat shoes and need high heels for formal event.

- I think your blog is great, because you are not only talking about fashion, but also health, and it is very useful. For advice, you need a brighter pictures for fashion shoot. And larger pictures, I think

- I will suggest my friends to join your giveaway by my blog and twitter, or directly tell my friends (in real world)

- My size is 42

my email:

my blog address:

twitter: @ninitt

my blog post about your giveaway:

my tweet about your giveaway:

Kelly Lingga said...

lovely giveaway!
anw mind to exchanged linked and follow me back?i've followed youu:)

keep in touch!
xoxo kelly

Rimma Izzaty said...

aku menggunakan bahasa indonesia saja ya :)

1. aku sudah mengikuti blog through google friends connect dan bloglovin.

2. sudah follow twitter kamu @chiebebeks

3. aku sudah promosiin kamu di blog dan di twitter aku loccchh (aduh bahasanya promosi :D lol)

5. - aku suka banget sama heels putihnya ya biru juga :D, tapi mau beli heels yang unik yang kayak kamu punya tapi jujur karena nggak punya duit buat beli heels sebagus yang kamu punya :D lol, terus pengen juga loh sekali-kali menang giveaway *yaampun jujur banget ga pernah menang lol*

- emm, tentang blog kamu. aku suka blog kamu selain nge-bahas fashion kamu juga nge-bahas masalah kesehatan, aku jadi banyak tau. terutama tentang strawberry *suka banget strawberry* akhirnya kamu ngasih tau juga strawberry membahayakan, huhuhu. oiya apa lagi tentang PMI donor darah jadi tau alamatnya yang di jakarta selain di plumpang hhehehe. dan satu lagi trik bangun pagi, semoga aku bisa bangun pagi dengan trik itu ya :D hehhehe amin.

- aku akan sugesti teman teman ku kalao bisa hipnotis aku hipnotis teman teman ku sayangnya aku bukan uya kuya *dih ngelucu deh* hahaha. aku sudah sugesti temanteman di twitter dan blog :)

- kaki ku kecil sekali ukurannya 37 :(


URL blog aku :

twitter: @rimmaizzaty

ini posting blog tentang giveaway kamu

ini mention tentang giveaway kamu

thank you, aku berharap menang :)

Anonymous said...

blogwalking :)
cute giveaway, you got a nice blog!

p.s.: care to exchange link/follow for follow? lemme know ;)

Castor Pollux

chie suci utami apsari said...

i just realized
i made a count from 1,2,3 and then 5.
and all of you followed me
my mistakes

black n white ladies said...

ouwh you have so many question, I'm so confused, then I just wanna be your fren without asking permission to get those shoes dear...hope you'll keep put a GREAT posting!!

mutianugrabita said...

aah nice giveaway :) but I think I can't join it now.. hh. followed btw. wanna follow me back?

beckyxoxo said...

Aww yes this is a cute giveaway , really want the shoes but I don't think I can post it on my blog ;) Good luck !

Wynne Prasetyo said...

good luck on gaining followers!

Clara Prabowo said...

1. already folow your google and blog lovin

2. already follow your twitter

3. already post about your giveaway and tweet about giveaway

5. why why??
- I want that shoes because I never have heels and that shoes will be my first heels :)
- I love your blog because you not only talk about fashion, life diary, but also about health. Because people out there most do not care about health and a person who needs medical assitance of each other.
advice : you need a larger picture and white is too boring :p

- my blog post :

- my tweet :

- I'll always tweet about your giveaway nonstop! :) (become junker)

- size = 39

- email :

my blog : black but not black >, hope you follow me back :)

my tweet name : @claraprabowo

thankyouu, hope that shoes will be my first heels shoes :)

Vinda Sonata said...

oya, chie, thanks awardnya yaa.
duuh jd blushing dibilang hot. hehehe.
keep in touch!! :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

sure let's exchange links, i'll link you right away :)

The Petite Blogger said...

wow cool giveaway!!! nice blog too!!


aisaicha said...

great giveaway :) i've just followed you btw.

xoxo, Icha

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those white heels are cute :)

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

nice shoes :)


Stevia said...

i wish I could join
but I just bought 3 shoes in a week!
I didn't know how that happened! ;p

goodluck on your giveaway!


kristiyana shinta said...

following you

post your giveaway here :

i want the white one,, hehhee
modelnya aq suka :)

blog kamu bagus ko, mungkin bisa coba design template sendiri :)

aku post & tweet give away kamu biar semua orang ikutan juga,, heheh

my size : 40

kristiyana shinta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yuni Tisna said...

Cool giveaway!
I want to join and i was follow your blog and ywitter. hehe

I want to get Blue shoes, because i soo like blue. hehe

Kalau menurut aku blog kamu udah bagus, outfitnya juga keren. cuma yang agak kurang bikin bagus itu banner lookletnya. kegedean. hehe
selain itu your blog look so well!

oh iya, look my post about your giveaway

and contact me :

@yunitisna (twitter)

Thank you!

Yuni Tisna said...

Oh iya.. gw mau size 40. hehe

luckyfinds said...

I would like a laptop as a gift for my birthday

I'd like to win the padlock necklace

I follow your blog via GFC as luckyfinds

I follow you on twitter (@millette05)


placed this giveaway link on my blog's sidebar

I want to win these shoe pairs because I have a fetish for shoes and would like to add these to my dancing shoes collection!

I love your blog because of the fashion trends you post and the beauty product reviews you make.

I think your blog needs more color and some new splashy blog designs.

I am focusing on my health and would suggest the same to my friends to choose a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.

shoe size: 38

emiliana.sison AT



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