Sunday, July 4, 2010

PRE-FALL 2010 (PRET A PORTER) from Cotton.Ink

new collection from COTTON.INK

my choice would be no.1,3,7,8,10,11,13,14
but still didn't decide which one would be perfect for me
 which one will you choose??

oya, i also got an award from make a shout by nicoline
thx to nicoline for giving me this award
and i'm going to give this award to 10 indonesian female blogger
fashion atelier by vinda sonata
sweet escape by fika
red pump shoes by Febrina Utami Putri
Fashion maverick by Heidy F.M Kalalo
afternoon tea and living by Bethanny PS
Joy and Amore by Anita Putri
a day to remember by Sara Josephine
Laces On My Dress by Alexandra Gabriella Audrey
fashionista-dorothy by Dorothy Souhuwat
myrrh goldframe by Lauretha Sudjono

See ya guys


myrrh goldframe said...

thank's for the award, love! i love cotton ink also. i purchased three of their item in a row. <3

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

aku udah post award kamu di blog ku...

nitya said...

See ya at brighspot opening party..

Queen D said...

love all those photo
great blog^^

wanna exchange link??
visit my site :

hug and kiss^^



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