Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today, i didn't go to the hospital
i need a break from my routine
at least,one day off
so,i decided to stay at home
and woke up really late of course(at 1pm)
and I'm fasting
i have 6 more days to pay,
before ramadhan coming
while I'm waiting till maghrib
i took some picture
(my outfit don't represent the person who's fasting)
all unbranded stuff

today is the first time i pay my fast
so,it's a shock for my body
my body can not tolerate at all
i feel dizzy, hungry, tired, no energy at all
may be the reason is because i didnt do ''sahur'' the night before
this is really my spontaneous action
i don't planned to pay my fast today

and now,i want to go out to break my fast
i asked my friend to accompany me
even they're are not fasting

i imagine a slurpy delicioussoo coconut ice
with it sweet red sugar
and after that,i can eat rice for the first time(today)
with a yummy duck fried
can't wait to leave


black n white ladies said...

whoa a yellow shoes is extraordinary cute dear...

ic4l said...

lagi puasa sempet" aja narsis??? hahaha.....

but its nice one...



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